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The team of secret flight deal experts use their keen eye, market leading technology and great relationships with global airlines to find you amazing flight deals, secret flights, error fares and cheap flights for popular routes all around the world.

Their secret prices can often save you up to 81% off standard airfare prices for popular routes and destinations. Never ever pay full fare for flights again.

• Members save up to 81% off flight deals*

• Get in the moment deals, that can often change quickly.

• Average member savings per return flight is £143 per booking*

• Join and receive 50% off our premium membership fee!

• Receive weekly return secret flight deals for under £25 per return!

• Error Fares and secret flight deals for Europe, long haul and business fares sent daily.

• Free Trial and free cancellation any time you wish.

• Flights from leading airlines

Visit the link which will input the code provided to receive your 50% discount and free trial.

All FAQ's are available via the Secret Flight Club home page in the FAQ section.

This is a web only service, savings 50% off membership. Example savings are based on data from a year of flight deals provided to members, the flight savings are based in all cases on average return route fares vs the deal we provide for that specific route within our member emails. For full terms and conditions please visit

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