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Possibly one of the most well-known and loved names on the British high street, M&S have over 700 stores across the country. From fashion, to homewares, to mouth-watering food, this digital voucher will allow you to claim 6% off when you shop both in store and online.

1. Select the denomination you would like to purchase.

2. Follow the checkout instructions. Your discount will be applied automatically.

3. Check your email inbox for your e-gift. Be sure to check your junk folder if you cannot find it.

4. Follow the link on the email to access your e-gift.

How will my digital voucher be issued?

Your e-Gift Card will be delivered to you by e-mail in the form of a URL link. Simply click on the URL link and print off your e-Gift Card to spend in store or alternatively you can use the card number and PIN to spend online. Please ensure you check your junk/spam folders in your email account if this does not appear to have been received.

Why do I have more than one voucher?

Depending on the amount ordered, you may receive more than one voucher but don’t worry as you can spend up to 5 of these in one transaction.

You can use your e-Gift Card to buy most things online and in store however there are a few exceptions. M&S gift cards can’t be used to pay for:

  • M&S Money products or services
  • Outstanding M&S Credit Card, Charge Card or Budget Card balances
  • Made to Measure shirts
  • M&S Energy

You can pay using an M&S gift card online and in all UK stores, Ireland and the Channel Islands – including Outlet, railway, motorway services and airport stores. Unfortunately, M&S gift cards aren’t accepted at BP Connect or our international stores.

For full terms and conditions please click here

M&S e-gift cards are valid for 24 months from the last spend on it. If you don’t use it within 24 months, any remaining balance will be cancelled.

If you have an M&S account, you can check your gift card balance in your account. Just enter your 16 digit gift card number and we’ll tell you how much money you have left on it.

Digital vouchers may be redeemed in full or for part payment for goods in any UK M&S store or online at (excludes ROI)

Digital vouchers may be used on top of any promotional offers. 

Digital vouchers cannot be used for the purchase of other gift cards or vouchers. 

Digital vouchers cannot be re-sold or re-tendered. This will not affect your statutory rights. Please see expiry date on the digital vouchers. 

Marks and Spencer reserve the right to decline or withdraw the digital vouchers at any time. 

Treat digital vouchers like cash - Marks and Spencer cannot be held liable for lost, stolen or damaged digital vouchers and they will not be replaced. 

To check your balance at any time please sign into your account at and use the balance checker provided.

Format: eGift
Delivery: via Email

By claiming this offer you agree to our Terms & Conditions